Vanished Valley Brewing

782 Center St, Ludlow, MA

Vanished Valley is a fast growing, small-batch brewery that took flight in 2016 out of a passion for exciting craft beer and even better company.
The brewery was named in honour of the creation of the Quabbin Reservoir, redirection and damming of the Swift River and the four towns that were disincorporated as a result of the creation of the Reservoir. The brewery honours the memory of the work and sacrifice that was made to benefit others.

After couple of years operating from a small building at the back of Europa restaurant, they took over the restaurant and opened a new taproom and kitchen at the beginning of 2020.
The place is very nice, beer is great and food is very good too. Until they finish the lower level of the building, you might, on occasions, find that they are at the full capacity (I think 80 people) and you will have to wait for somebody to leave before you could get in. I assume that is a sign that beer and food are good.
When weather is cooperating, you can also sit outside, on a deck.
They have a lot of parking spaces and currently working on the grounds around the brewery. It looks like it will be nice when finished and will offer more outdoor seatings.
We strongly recommend to visit the brewery.

Recommended beer: Pomona (IPA)
Our grade (on scale from 1 [Avoid at any cost] to 10 [I wish I live there]): 8

What to drink

Pomona IPA


Pomona is the first IPA we created in celebration of the New England style IPA. Hazy and full of bright flavors! We pick-up a varied mix of citrus, grapefruit, and even tangerine across the palate.


Watershed IPA


This is the second IPA we created in celebration of a very good friend - an Ol' Timer! Watershed is packed full of citrus and tangerine notes as a result of some heavy dry hopping!


Cease & Desist DIPA

Double IPA

This Double IPA has been slammed with a generous amount of exciting hops both in the boil and dry hopping schedule. Packed with a variety of tropical fruit flavors and aromas this beer was brewed to celebrate persistence and dedication to creating something good.


Lost Town Stout


Our dessert in a glass! This chocolate milk stout has been aged on a copious amount of chocolate nibs and Madagascar vanilla beans. Exceptionally smooth and pleasing, the blast of chocolate gives way to a bit of roast and nuttiness. At 5% ABV it, is extremely drinkable. You’ll want seconds on this dessert!


Take Flight Ale

Pale Ale

This is our take on a classic style - the American pale ale! Take Flight provides a light hazy straw color with slightly herbal and tart citrus fruit notes. Its 5.5 ABV and light body makes this ale extremely drinkable.




Formally known as XPerimental Batch #7, we knew this popular New England IPA from our XP Series had to be brought into our regular line-up. ISO7 contains a generous amount Ella hops and another one of our all-time favourites, Amarillo! It's soft mouth feel gives way to a variety of citrus and melon notes.


No Trespassing


We loved it so much we just had to bring it back! No Trespassing IPA, aka XPerimental Batch #9, offers a variety of tropical flavours and aromas including citrus and melon. This one's here to stay!



Double IPA

ITCT is a well-balanced and super fruit forward DIPA that clocks in at 8.5% ABV. We are picking up a good amount of peach, tropical fruit, and hints of pineapple on this one




Gone Fishin is our take on a classic style. With a low ABV and easy drinkability this one is perfect for those long days in the sun. Clean, crisp, light, yet full of flavour.


Hey, Don't Forget the Coffee

Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout featuring English Marris Otter malt and a variety of specialty malts lending soft caramel and deep flavours of roasted chocolate. We then conditioned this beer on a fair amount of OverTime coffee beans from Monsoon Roastery. OverTime is a single origin robusta coffee from the village of Karaba, Rwanda and contains twice the normal caffeine content than other coffees.



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