Luppoleto Brewing Co.

20 Main St, Windsor Lock, CT

Lupolleto brewery and taproom is located at Dexter Plaza in Windsor Locks, just across from the inspiring Montgomery Mill apartment project and the soon-to-be-relocated New Haven / Hartford / Springfield rail line train station. Business travelers staying by the airport in search of a local gem are just a short Uber ride away, so fresh local beer is just a few minutes from the baggage claim.

What to drink


Munich Festbier

Munich-Style Festbier. Golden, Malty, Gently Sweet, with a Crisp Finish.




Some view stouts as big and heavy. And they can be. But not this one. This fella is smooth and light but not overly sweet.



Sweet, doughy malt and caramel on the nose with just a wisp of smoke. Lush and indulgent on the palate finishing with a blend of roast, toffee and smoke reminiscent of freshly roasted coffee beans. Definitely leaning towards sweet but there is just enough bitterness (from earthy hops, roast barley and smoked malt) to keep this beer balanced.




This beer has the soft mouthfeel & big hop aromas frequently associated with NEIPA style beers but it is not particularly hazy. These days lots of folks drink with their eyes so we wont call it a NEIPA but, if you like thoseyou might like this.



Floral grapefruit, vanilla & subtle peppery notes emerge from the pillowy white head to introduce a rush of creamy wheat and a touch of sweetness punctuated by a tart grapefruit zing that invites another sip. Its refreshing and light without being thin or boring.


Prova #2

Prova ("proof" in Italian), Experimental Series: This Explores New World Hops & Another Belgian Yeast. This lends a bolder spice notes (like white pepper, not hot spicy) to contrast the fruity hop blend with berry, tangerine and some subtle piney/resiny notes.



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