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95 North Chicopee St, Chicopee, MA

The Leadfoot story is a simple one. Two friends met in their early college years and shared a love of beer. They each followed their own paths, but during their journeys they continued their research (yes, we consider drinking beer "research"). A trip to Prague in 1993 didn't hurt, tasting original Pilsners in the Motherland was quite an honor. They continued their research as they worked and traveled. Stops in Germany, Ireland, London and Manchester proved beneficial. Stops in Japan and Taiwan left lasting impressions of worldly opinions on their favorite subject matter: fine crafted beers.
The Leadfoot idea became serious in 2013, with a commitment to patience and quality. A painstaking search for a Brewery location that would accommodate big dreams and big plans led them back to the start of Brewing in Western Massachusetts. In 2017, planning began for startup at the old Hampden Brewing in the Willimansett section of Chicopee, all while research continued.
Leadfoot Brewing features Leadfoot Lager and Leadfoot Pilsner as well as a locally sourced Pioneer Valley IPA.

What to drink


The essence of tradition

Leadfoot Pilsner was created to capture the essence of traditional Czech and German classics. Quality ingredients and patience with the Brewing process make this our favorite "go to" pint. Munich and Vienna Malt, along with Saaz Hop's spicy, citrus & herbal notes make this an instant classic. We hope both your first and last sips mimic the Pilsen Classics still thriving today.


Light, crisp and refreshing

Leadfoot Lager is brewed with the beer drinker in mind. If you are looking to have more than one, this is your beer! Light, crisp & refreshing; reminiscent of old style American Lagers. Hops from Yakima & the U.K. offer lite floral and spicy notes without the bite. Our grandparents would have loved this beer!


Pioneer Valley IPA

PV (Pioneer Valley) IPA is a session craft beer with all locally sourced ingredients from the Pioneer Valley. Our friends at Valley Malt in Hadley and Four Star Farms in Northfield bring a unique flavor profile to this craft brew. Not overpowering, but a definite hop presence along with a semi sweet Malt character make this a well balanced session IPA. Cheers to LOCAL!!

Pub Ale

The Perfect Balance

Leadfoot Pub Ale is our take on an ESB or English Strong Bitter. This rich Ale hits the balanced mark of hop and sweet Malt character. Our choice selection of ingredients, specifically the yeast, lend a creamy yet light full bodied flavor found in most English pub ales. Careful with this one, it may just become your favorite!

Uno Mas

Mexican lager

This light bodied Lager will surprise you with a Flavor Punch of malty sweetness and floral notes. A Mexican yeast strain compliments the body and mouthfeel bringing a unique flavor profile. This one will having you want One More: ?Andale! Uno Mas.

Double IPA

Strong India Pale Ale

Did someone say Bakery? One would think this is a banana bread liquor with a hint of passion fruit. A fantastic local hop will keep us discussing this flavorful and chewy IPA for a while. Totally Unique, this is Leadfoot Double IPA.

London Pale Ale

Traditional London Pub Bitter

This traditional style English Bitter will remind you of a rainy day in your favorite Pub. Bold and bittered from UK Fuggles hops, this Ale mellows quickly on the tongue with a nice dry finish. Cheerio to Mother Nature and all her wrath!

Cafe Brewle Stout

Coffee Stout

Delicate malt balances out roasted coffee and burnt sugar flavors in this nitro stout. Dry, yet creamy mouthfeel accentuate mild floral and spicy notes.

Oktober- fest

Seasonal Marzen

Extremely smooth and sweet with rich, toasted malt this traditional Marzen stands out as a true American Craft Oktoberfest. One sip will transport you. Raise your glass of Copper goodness and toast the greatest beer drinking month of the year, PROST!!

Mr. Jack

Pumpkin Ale

You don't know Jack, until now! Mr. Jack Pumpkin Ale is both true to Pumpkin and true to Ale. It's everything we love about the fall. Made with 4 lbs. of real pumpkin per barrel, Jack hits the mark of not too sweet and not too spicy. Only question remaining is "Do you like your rim sugared?"

Baggy Piper

Scottish Ale

A traditional Scottish Ale base with surprising Christmas cake notes. Flavors of almond, cherry, cinnamon, and nutmeg round out the dark roasted malts of this complex brew. Our Scottish ancestors are sure Yule love it!

Kerry Irish Amber

Irish Amber Ale

To be enjoyed year-round like the easterly breeze from the Irish Sea, Kerry Amber is delightfully refreshing. Notes of roasted barley and kilned malt give this Irish amber ale a nice short caramel and bready finish.

Hop Kingdom

American IPA

If you're looking for clean hop aroma and flavor, this is your realm. Early addition Mosaic hops complement Citra's mango & citrus flavors, which brings bold IPA characteristics to the forefront. A lingering bu pleasant hop oil finish rounds it all out.


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