Iron Duke Brewing

100 State St #122, Ludlow, MA

Iron Duke Brewing is located at the Historic Ludlow Mills complex in Ludlow, Massachusetts. Homed at Stockhouse 122, it sits directly along Chicopee River. Originally used to house jute back in the early 1900's, Stockhouse 122 has over 100 years of history within its brick walls.
The brewery was started by a small group of close friends and family, and was open in the spring of 2010.

This is the first brewery we visited after starting the web site. The brewery is located all the way in the back of a brick building, so don't be surprised if you don't see it rigth away, just keep driving (or walking) and you will eventually get there.
There is a decent parking, for the size of the tap room. The tap room is not very big and might be crowded at times. It has open view to fermentor tanks and exposed bricks and metal pipe shelves look good, They don't serve food but patrons are welcome to bring their own. There is no outside seating (or at least, we are not aware of any).
Most importantly, beer is very good, and they have pretty good selection, from American and NE IPA, Stouts and Porters to Brown Ales and Lagers.

Recommended beer: 4AM (NE IPA)
Our grade (on scale from 1 [Avoid at any cost] to 10 [I wish I lived there]): 7

What to drink

4 A.M.

New England IPA

Ever wonder what goes on in the 4 a.m. hour? When it's not yesterday and tomorrow hasn't begun? At Iron Duke, this is the time we spend dreaming up our best ideas. This rarely experienced hour of 4 a.m. has yielded a heavily hopped creation. We brew this one to honor all of the people who work late and rise early.

6.9%ABV 78IBU

Stud Finder

Imperial/Double IPA

While we used more tools during construction/deconstruction than we can count, some tools standout among the crowd. Stud-Finder is the second IPA offering in our Construction Series of IPA's. This Double IPA packs a bigger, bolder Hop and Malt punch than its Dead Nuts counterpart. We're very excited to have experimented with Topaz, an Australian hop variety, to stand up alongside with our American variety favorites.

7.7%ABV 87IBU

Dead Nuts


Amidst the whirlwind of construction dust and debris, shouts of "It's Dead Nuts!" Would echo throughout the brewery. A phrase that denotes perfection in symmetry, balance, and harmony. It's what we've done with our American IPA. Rye malts counter-balance American Hops to give our flagship IPA a smooth yet robust finish.

5.6%ABV 70IBU

Eviction Notice

Black IPA

Making routine trips to the post office exciting again. This semi-dry Black IPA is a beautiful balance of citrusy-resinous American hops and chocolate malt. 20lbs of roasted pecans adds a little extra roasted goodness.

8.5%ABV 86IBU


Irish Porter

This dark ruby colored ale that's slightly malty sweet with a delightful roasted finish. No parent likes to admit they have a favorite, but Baby-Maker holds a special place in our hearts

5.4%ABV 24IBU

The Common

Kentucky Common

A prohibition-era style beer brewed with Malted Rye and Flaked Maize famously designed to quench the thirst of the working class.

4.6%ABV 21IBU


Lager - American Amber

Generosity is our way of saying thank you to the countless friends and family that have been so generous with their time. An American Lager with Bourbon soaked Vanilla Beans straight from Madagascar.

5.8%ABV 10IBU



Our breakfast stout is a hearty treat for any beer drinker. It's brewed using traditional ingredients of a breakfast stout but with a little extra chocolaty goodness that makes it a beer to savour.


Putts Bridge

Brown Ale

A prohibition-era style beer brewed with Malted Rye and Flaked Maize famously designed to quench the thirst of the working class.

6.7%ABV 33IBU

156 Barrel Aged (Nitro)

Bourbon BBL Imperial Porter

A combination of Licorice and Belgian Candi Sugar imparted by generous amounts of Northwest Hops give this Porter the backbone of a moose...and then just for fun, we put it on Nitro.



Lager - Imperial

This Imperial Lager is a celebration of our continued hard work and resilience as a local brewery four years running. We hope you enjoy this limited production lager as much as we do!

9.7%ABV 89IBU

Ginger Kerfuffle

Brown Ale

First fermented as a lager and sour conditioned in our dairy tank coolship with heaps of freshly diced pineapple. Over 50 pounds of ginger was then blended into this concoction to create a kerfuffle of flavor.

5.2%ABV 10IBU


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