Element Brewing Company

16 Bridge St, Millers Falls, MA

It's easy to be passionate about great beer, but at Element, our passion is in the art and science that makes great beer possible. We brew precise beer. We advance brewing technology so beer drinkers can reach new levels of enjoyment.Science and art are our inspiration, philosophy and methodology for studying, testing, and advancing beer drinkers experience - in the bar and at home

What to drink

Extra Special Oak

Pouring the beer in the glass unleashes notes of vanilla bean and spice with an underlying aroma of rich malt. Layers of flavors follow, from toasted coconut to warm bread to green tea. Full body this beer will pair nicely with mild charcuterie and soft rind cheese.

Red Giant

Lush English hop varieties balanced with luxurious English malts meld together in this deeply flavored ale. At its core it is food-friendly approachable, and makes a style all its own. Pairs well with grilled meat, and salty cheeses.


Dark Element

Strikingly viscous and creamy on the palate with citrus fruit and chocolate cream, Dark Element offers enormous density yet preserves the balance that is a hallmark of Element Brewing Company. Use this ale to contrast spicy and acidic foods.


Brewed with brown rice, malted millet, malted buckwheat, and Aramis hops. We have fused the gluten free wort with an aggressive hopping schedule. Naturally gluten free but you would never be able to tell.

9.33%ABV 64IBU


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