Drunken Rabbit Brewing

749A New Ludlow Rd, South Hadley, MA

One-story, non-descript building, home of Drunken Rabbit brewery, is located in an industrial/commercial zone and is easy to miss if you don't know what are you looking for. Interior space is spacious with a lot of seating. They have an area with huge screen TV (for watching games) and several dart boards.
They don't make/serve food, but there is always a food truck with good food. There is music entertainment on weekends and bingo and open mic on weekdays. Their beer is very, very good, tap list is changing often, and prices are not high.

Recommended beer: Donny Darko (Dark IPA)
Our grade (on scale from 1 [Avoid at any cost] to 10 [I wish I live there]): 8

What to drink

Gin Daze


Our house Kolsch was fermented in Gin barrels with Juniper berries and allowed to condition for 4 weeks. This produced a complex beer with oak character and fragrant gin flavors, We carbonated this beer lightly so that we wouldn't take away from the complex nature of this beer.

5.5%ABV 21IBU

Lucky Left Foot

Milk Stout

English style Milk Stout. Pours Dark Black with a small Slightly Tan Head. Smells of Milk Chocolate, Roasted Malts, and Coffee shine thru. Flavor follows the nose exactly with a lot of Creaminess. Brewed with Lactose.

6.4%ABV 19IBU

Brutal Bunny


A different take on IPA with a bone-dry, champagne-style finish. Late hop additions adds a bright blast of tropical and citrus flavors creating a balanced bitterness. Smashing-ly drinkable!


The Blues

Berliner Weisse

This Berliner Weisse is double fruited with hundreds of pounds of Blueberry. This beer is perfectly tart & a blueberry bomb that wont give you the blues!


Banana Fribble

Milkshake IPA

A Milkshake IPA brewed with bananas, lactose, and vanilla. Its BANANAS!!

6.5%ABV 15IBU

Boysen Da Hood


Our house sour brewed with coriander and a pinch of sea salt then fermented on Boysenberry puree.

5.5%ABV 20IBU

Donny Darko

Dark IPA

An IPA with a twist dark side. Pours Dark with a creamy head smells of pine with hints of grapefruit and light roasted coffee.

7.2%ABV 70IBU


Double IPA

This golden orange colored Double IPA brewed with American hops is soft and delicate. It carries citrus and pine on the nose with hints of mango. The finish is dry and clean with medium bitterness.

8.1%ABV 63IBU


Imperial Brown Ale

Our angry furry friend is back! This imperial Brown ale has been brewed with cinnamon, ginger and lactose then infused with cinnamon in the fermenter for a definitive cinnamon presences.

8.5%ABV 10IBU


Few photos from Drunken Rabbit Brewing

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