Brick and Feather Brewery

78 11th St, Turners Falls, MA

Brick & Feather brewery was born as the vision of a husband and wife team in 2015. Lawrence had been working in breweries across the country since 2007, and had always envisioned opening a small, family friendly brewery where he could fully execute a portfolio of beers true to their tastes. After moving to Northampton, the two eventually stumbled across the wonderful building in Turners Falls which the brewery occupies now. The fun little village is a perfect fit for Brick & Feather.

What to drink

In Absentia


Brewed as a bigger alternative to our "Zelda" IPA, "In Absentia" features a lush body packed with pineapple, orange, passion fruit, and mango notes with a touch of piney resin. A gentle bitterness supports the flavor of the five different hops used in this beer.


Letters from Zelda


Our original American IPA! This beer features a lush, fruity body with notes of tangerine, grapefruit and melon, set upon a smooth, supportive malt base. The finish is clean and slightly sweet. Brewed with American and British 2-row barleys, and hopped with five different hops, including a healthy dose of Amarillo.


Positively 11th Street

Pale Ale

Our signature American Pale Ale. Heavily dry-hopped with Mosaic and El Dorado, and set upon a foundation of North American and British malts. Soft, slightly sweet body gives way to a quick, clean finish.


Sauron's Nightlight

Robust Porter

Dark and powerful, but with much more pleasant disposition that it's namesake, "Sauron" pours deep black with a tight, espresso-light foam. A rich, viscous body showcases complex flavors of cocoa, coffee, dark sugar and some dried fruit. Huge roasted flavors are complimented by a slight buttering charge of hops, lending a soft, clean finish.


Throw Me the Idol

Double IPA

This sturdy IPA was built to showcase the wonderful El Dorado hop variety. The malts were selected to present a soft sweetness and lend a hazy deep gold color. Bristling with hoppy goodness, Idol includes 4 other hop varieties blended to add depth of character; orange pith, pine, blueberry, pineapple and lemon flavors are prominent, with slight warming alcohol coming in at the finish.


No Use For Smugglers

Double IPA

We started with the malt base for "Throw Me The Idol", but changed the hop combination completely, using Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo, and Cascade. The resulting IPA is incredibly smooth on the palate, and is wonderfully fruit-forward, with layers of orange, peach, pineapple, and ripe berries. Enjoy! And yes, Han did shoot first.


Kitten With A Whip

Bavarian Style Helles Lager

Our interpretation of the classic Bavarian pale lager, a beer of subtle beauty and exquisite refreshing character. Kitten is built on a blend of our favorite pilsner malts, hopped with German Tettnang, and fermented with an authentic German lager yeast. The beer displays a careful balance of grassy malt flavors and a slight cereal sweetness; dry but medium bodied; floral hop notes and a trace of bready fermentaion character. It is simple yet intricate, and a respectful nod to one of the finest brewing traditions in the world.


Half-Light Sunbeam


A variation on Letters From Zelda, this IPA is hopped completely with Citra. Sunbeam hits everything we love about this hop variety; huge orange and peach flavors, an assertive but refined bitterness, beautifully supported by the bright malt foundation of her sister beer. Finishes slightly dry and refreshing.


Signals Of Celestial Objects

Double Galaxy-hopped Pale Ale

A 100% Galaxy hopped Pale Ale, constructed from our favorite British heirloom barley and heavily dry-hopped, twice, with the unique Australian hop. We taste big notes of guava, ripe strawberries, orange, and lime, with a touch of an herbal, dank character to round things out.


A Small Group Of Reasonable People

English Style Mild Ale

Mild Ale was once the preferred beverage for the hard working people of he British Isles. It is low in alcohol and quenching, yet surprisingly complex and satisfying, in a way that paler beers just don't quite accomplish. Ours is brewed with traditional floor-malted English barley varieties, and fermented with an English yeast for a slightly fruity and soft Ale.



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