Brew Practitioners

36 Main St, Florence, MA

Brew Practitioners focuses on brewing classic drinkable beer; using regionally sourced ingredients while utilizing processes that will produce quality results, consistently. No funky ingredients, no crazy names, Just GOOD BALANCED beer.

What to drink

White Beer

Blonde Ale

This American Blonde Ale is the lightest of the collection. An easy-drinking beer designed for the "Craft Brew Beginner" it is light on hops and has a sweet malty balance.

5.3%ABV 16.2IBU

Yellow Beer


Born in the backyards of Zionsville Indiana this beer, otherwise known as Bart's Bad Ass Beer, is a powerful IPA that has an ABV of 7.00% with 86 IBUs. However it is still a perfectly balanced beer with its malty middle. You will notice the aroma of citra hops that may remind you of grapefruit at grandma's house.


Orange Beer

Pale Ale

A light, refreshing and hoppy Pale Ale with great malt and hop Balance. This beer has a big mouth feel and you will taste and smell the hops but they will not blow you away.

5.25%ABV 38IBU

Red Beer

Red Amber

Don't confuse this Red Amber beer with that of the Irish. This is a 100% American beer, with a rich malty flavor and a hop bite. She is a voluptuous redhead. Like drinking a tall pint of Joan.

5.65%ABV 28.5IBU

Brown Beer

Brown Ale

This mild Brown Ale is a favorite of our Brewer's. It is a malty sweet brown beer that has an awesome mouth feel. We brought our yeast in from our friends across the pond so this beer has some English characteristics. This pretty pint has hints of chocolate and caramel.

5.18%ABV 25IBU

Black Beer


We didn't want to completely ignore the Irish, after all, the Practitioners are land owners in Ireland. Like our land in Ireland it has a American twist. This sweet malty Stout is made with European Yeast and a great blend of American roasted malts.

5.12%ABV 30IBU


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