Abandoned Building Brewery

142 Pleasant St, Easthampton, MA

Starting in March of 2013, Matt Tarlecki began transforming a 2,700 square foot space in the old mill building at 142 Pleasant Street, aptly named 'The Brickyard'. The previous tenant was a plastic bag manufacturer who vacated the space and left it in shambles. Giant rolls of plastic, large pieces of equipment, and tons of odds-and-ends were stacked head-high throughout the space. Once the space was emptied of its contents, he transformed it into his vision of the brewery that stands today.

The majority of the brewery was designed, constructed, and finished entirely by Matt which included painting the 16 foot tall walls and ceiling, assembling the walk-in cooler, refinishing the original hard wood floors, and installing the 15 barrel brewhouse with two 30 barrel fermenters and one 30 barrel bright tank. He performed limited renovations in order to maintain the ambiance of the original mill building. He successfully navigated the permitting side of brewing and was granted a Federal Brewer's Notice in October of 2013, only after enduring the federal government shutdown in October. The State level Farmer-Brewery License was awarded at the end of November that same year.

What to drink


Pale Ale

ABB staple, this ever-shifting pale ale currently features Zythos & Mandarina Bavaria hops. A super juicy, super citrusy Pale Ale. Available year-round on draft and in 4-packs to go.

5.5%ABV 40IBU

Dirty Girl


Named in celebration of the amazing women in agriculture who make local beer possible, Dirty Girl features 5 hop varieties lending big citrus and bitter pine characteristics to the medium malt backbone\'s subtle sweetness. Available year-round on draft and in 4-packs to go.

6/7%ABV 60IBU

Other End

Imperial IPA

This hazy, double dry-hopped Imperial IPA is loaded with tropical and citrusy hop aroma and flavor. A real treat for IPA-lovers seeking a complex, lively flavor profile and fruity aroma to write home about. Available year-round on draft and in 4-packs to go.

8.4%ABV 70IBU

Night Shade


This American Stout features 7 different malts, including wheat malted locally by Valley Malt. With hints of dark chocolate and roasted coffee coming from the darker malts, Nightshade Stout is a light-bodied year-round favorite. Available all year on draft and in 4-packs to go.

6.8%ABV 45IBU

Lola's Saisson

Belgian Ale

This pale-golden Belgian Farmhouse ale features 10% locally-malted wheat and a strong classic European hop presence. Hazy and earthy with a spicy nose, Lola's Saison melds it delicate lemony character with a sassy black peppery bite. Available year-round on draft and in 4-packs to go.


Must be Nice

Imperial IPA

New England style double dry hopped, double IPA, hopped with Mosaic and Vic Secret hops for that juicy and tropical flavor. Brewed with lots of oat malt for that rich creamy mouthfeel. This will be an occasional release.


Pan galactic


Coming to you from Galaxies far away, this New England Inspired IPA comes in at a juicy 6.0% with a light 45 IBU's. This Zaphod Beeblebrox approved drink is just right for you. The guide mentions alcohol. It says that the best drink in existence is Pan Galactic. The affects if drinking a Pan Galactic is like having your brains smashed out by a slice of citrus wrapped around a large gold brick.




Arcadia IPA is a classic West Coast IPA with loads of pine and citrus flavors and aromas.

5.5%ABV 40IBU

Brickyard Porter


Brickyard Porter is named after the 1902 Mill Building where the brewery is located. Brickyard is a classic brown porter with a full body and notes of caramel & chocolate, perfect for the beautiful New England fall days.



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